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Ghosts--Keepin' me awake at night..

Posted by [email protected] on April 16, 2014 at 10:55 AM

I've always been back and forth on the whole ghost, supernatural issue.  I'm certainly drawn to it. I question it, shiver at it, wonder about it.

I tend to write stories with some sort of paranormal edge. The fictional town of Gable Cove was created with just that in mind. 

But what is a ghost? Is it an unexplainable sudden buzz of energy?  The inexplicable drain of energy? Shadows? Transparent shapes?  

I've been researching online and have gone to so many websites, read so many articles to find a consensus of what constitues 'ghost' and the consensus is that there isn't one.  This person believes in floating orbs while this person doesn't.  Spirit photography is factual to many but a hoax to others.

Curious, maddening, frustrating, interesting, and vastly entertaining.

I love hearing firsthand stories from people that have experienced such events.  Tell me a story.

Do you believe?

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