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Haunted Texas

Posted by [email protected] on February 3, 2015 at 8:35 PM

In our Gable Cove book series, Laura Hamby and I created a fictional Texas bayside town which is rife with spectral activity, courtesy of rough and gritty pioneering lifestyles in the late 1800’s, to the proximity to the Gulf coast and its history of devastating hurricanes.


Houston Paranormal Research Team has compiled a website listing haunted locations in Texas - I was curious to know whether I’ve been in any reportedly haunted locations. I was surprised to see just how many places I have visited over the years that were on HPRT’s very extensive list. Combing through HPRT’s site, I extracted the specific locations that I’ve been a guest of, and hadn’t known at the time of my visit of their alleged haunted history. I wonder if I’d known at the time if my knees would have knocked—just a little.

Haunted Texas


Galveston - The Hotel Galvez - It's on Seawall Blvd. and is the oldest hotel on the island. One room, room 505, is supposed to be haunted and most people who stay in that room, do not stay overnight. Most just feel incredibly uncomfortable there. You can also smell Gardenias in and around the room at times. There are two other ghosts there but no one seems to know much about them. There are several locations in Galveston that are haunted including the Tremont House hotel on Mechanic's Street and the Peanut Butter Warehouse to name a few.


Houston - Spring - The Wunche Bros Cafe - Spring is really a portion of Houston on its north side. The building has served many purposes including rail station, brothel and restaurant. Many have seen an apparition of "Old Man Wunche" on the upstairs balcony. Several waitresses claimed to have seen him.


Kerrville - Y.O. Ranch Hotel - Apparitions of cowboys walking around the courtyard after 3am in the morning near the swimming pool and vanish.


Kerrville - Y.O. Ranch Hotel - The Sam Houston Café - A phantom patron has been known to ask to use the bathroom.


San Antonio - The Alamo - Cold spots and a feeling of melancholy can be felt throughout the Fort. 189 Alamo defenders and at least 1200 Mexican soldiers fought and died here in San Antonio, many without the benefit of a proper burial leaving a lot of lost souls in search of an eternal resting place, thus making San Antonio one of the most haunted cities in America.


San Antonio - The Emily Morgan Hotel – [As reported by a guest] Floor nine is a very active floor. Having been unaware that the building housed wounded soldiers during the battle of the Alamo, we stayed there on floor nine in room 902. We were the only ones on the floor yet doors opened and closed all night long. At one point the toilet seat slammed itself up and down about ten times while we were in the adjacent room. A bottle of wine slid off of the counter by itself as did the coffee pot the next morning and the elevator would not take us to the floor we wanted. Once we did get moving the doors would open and shut about ten times before standing still long enough to let us out. Management had responded to earlier complaints of the same but the motor was fine.


San Antonio - Menger Hotel - This hotel, located adjacent to the Alamo, is home to a wide variety of ghostly guests: polite ones, who murmur "Pardon me" as they pass; rude ones, who puff on cigars in non-smoking rooms; tidy ones, who smooth the covers on your bed (while you're in it!); and even a hungry ghost who cries out for room service. Also haunted by the spirit of a chambermaid who was killed there by her husband. Other ghosts include "Buckskin" and "the Ghost of the King Room."


The Woodlands - Walgreen's, 485 Sawdust Rd - The store is haunted by the ghost of John Cedars, a manager who was killed execution style during a robbery in 1996. Though it wasn't at the time, the location is now 24 hours and employees say that at nights Mr. Cedars can be heard walking the store or playing jokes (he likes to knock over the stacks of diapers like he did when he was alive). Several people have reported incidents while alone in the stockroom at night, such as toys turning themselves on and off. Occasionally things have been known to fly off shelves and break without anyone nearby. The activity calmed after the convictions of the perpetrators in 1998, but he is still a presence in the store.


There are many, many more reported haunted sites listed other than these specific locations, but this seems plenty to me!

Someday, Laura and I want to take a haunted ghost tour and even go on an overnight ghost hunt. *quake*shiver*giggle*


Have you ever visited a haunted location? Maybe you live in a haunted home. I love a good story. Tell me yours!






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