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Welcome to Gable Cove!

We're underway with our new collaborative effort. We are in the creative stages of a new stand alone series set in the fictional bayside town of Gable Cove. Laura Hamby and I are writing our own series but in a fun twist each author will use the setting of Gable Cove!  The first books released in June 2014.

Stay tuned for the second book in our series to be coming soon!

Available at Amazon - Gable Cove - Haunted Series -  GHOST HUNTER by Sheylynn Jones

Available at Amazon - Gable Cove - Gladiolus Garden House - SIDE BY SIDE by Laura Hamby

Now Available! 

Welcome to Glen Meadow, where the neighbors know everything about you from your love life to your vegetable eating habits. Fall in love with this close-knit town where love blossoms and the peach cobbler is served warm. Follow Janie and Myles, and Cindi and Steve as they fall in love.

Janie by Laura Hamby...Janie Lowell is a woman on the run from a violent past. Fear kept her on the move, but her move to Glen Meadow gives her that elusive something she's been looking for, without really realizing that she wasn't running away from something, but rather she was running to love and safety...And a special someone - Myles Channing.

Cindi by Shara Jones (Now writing as Sheylynn Jones)...Providing math and baseball instructions to Ryan keeps Steve Richland in sexy Cindi's playing field, but will it keep him from leaving Glen Meadow and surrendering his freedom for fatherhood? Struggling waitress, Cindi Pet roneli will do anything to help her brother--including reluctantly hiring, Steve Richland as his tutor. Can she resist when her resolve is tested by the sexy-as-sin professor and his lessons in love?

Available at Amazon.

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